Sunday, October 07, 2012

Errors on stamps… even on the country name!

Errors on stamps are more frequent than we can imagine. This is always surprising for me as I guess a stamp goes through a big numbers of controls before being issued. But still, from time to time a stamp is issued by a postal administration with an error on it. Sometimes the mistake is in the legend of the stamp, a wrong date, a wrong name or something wrong in the design. 
I recently received a stamp that contains a more spectacular mistake: the error is in the spelling of the country itself!

The stamp is part of a set of two picturing commercial jets. It was issued recently by Macedonia. Here is the stamp.

And here is the second stamp of the set which bears the right spelling of the country.

As you can see, on the first stamp, the Cyrillic equivalent for E is missing. The result is something like Macdonia instead of Macedonia. 

I think the stamp was withdrawn by the postal administration. I don’t know if they re-issued a correct one or not. I check on Ebay and the price for the wrong stamp is not so high so I guess this stamp must not be so scarce. 


Miloje Chastven said...

At this time, it is no strange that Macedonia made one error in text - if we take in account who rule and in which state is country alone.

I have few samples from Republica Srpska (Bosnia) where they intentionally don't print name Bosnia on stamp (issued again with correct text, including Bosnia name), and also some example from Czechoslovakia where is error on country name.

It is just "reflection" of situation in everyday life of people living there!

best regards

Brenda said...

great post! I love errors on postcards too :D