Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back from London

I'm just back from London where I spent a very nice week of holidays. Actually, I arrived in London at the last day of the Paralympic games and I could attend to the Marathon. A very impressive experience.

I did not intend to give any philatelic twist to this trip to London as I was travelling with someone not interested in stamps at all. But nevertheless, you can not really escape from stamps, can you?

When I visited the London 2012 shop in COven Garden, I found that you could buy presentation pack containing one Pin's and one stamp from the 30 stamps series issued by Royal Mail in order to announce the Olympic games. Here is the exemple of the Athletics stamp, the number 1 in the series.

And here is the Aquatics one. The number 17 in teh series.

As you can see, the pin's is on the top and reproduce exaclty the stamp design. The stamp is included in a platsic cap. I found this way of presenting the stamp very strange. I could not find a way to take out the stamp without tearing everything apart (which I did not do). So I guess these items are made to be collected like that... A bit weird I think. 
I also saw on Royal Mail website that they also sell the same pack with a commemorative coin instead of the pin's.

Speaking about coins, at the London 2012 shop you could also buy "coin covers" including a stamp with an associated cancellation and a commemorative coin. Here is the exemple of the Athletics one.

In fact they are not covers. They are pieces of cardbord on which the stamp is stuck and the coin is affixed. The cancellation is not an actual postal mark if I understood well. So again a strange item I think.

Anyway the London Olympic and Paralympic games were a very great event and I'm glad to have participated to at least a small part of it!