Saturday, August 04, 2012

Franchise post office in Canada

I’m always very happy when I get feedback from visitors of my blog and when they help me to get more information on the subject I’m writing about. This happened again recently: I received a nice letter from a visitor from Canada, as an echo to my post that you can read here.

In his letter, he explained me that the place where I went, a drug store,  is a franchise post office. He told me that there are a few “traditional post offices” left but many are these franchises now. If you mail a letter from there, you pay the same price than from a traditional post office, but sending parcels will cost more.

To illustrate this he sent me his letter from such drug store. Here it is.

As you can see the cover has been postmarked with a large rectangle cancel indicating the origin:  Shopper’s Drug Mart.
In the top right corner, the fuzzy printing is the official postmark from the Canadian post that seems to have been applied several times.

Thank you very much for this cover and for the detailed information!


Franki V said...

As a former postal employee who also loves stamps I am very happy to have found your blog. The information provided to you about different pricing structures between the traditional post office and a franchise outlet is not true. See the following link at the Canada Post website for more information:

Franki V said...

there are no differences in the price structures between a franchise outlet of Canada Post and a traditional stand alone post office. The Canada Post website attempts to correct the misinformation: