Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My first cover from Honduras

Today I’m thrilled to share with you the first cover I have received from Honduras. Thank you Sonia for this letter and what it contained.
Sonia maintains a very nice philatelic blog (in Spanish and English)/ I invite you to visit it :

Here is the cover.

I must admit that I had a hard time finding details on the stamps used on the cover and also on the stamp sheet that Sonia sent me. I could not find any good resource on the internet to get data on stamps issued by Honduras. If you know any…

The stamp on the left on the cover is from this year and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Honduras and Korea. The stamp pictures current presidents of both countries. I do not know if it is part of a joint issue with Korea?
The second one celebrates the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship with Japan. The stamp pictures princess Sayako, the third child and only girl of Akihito, the current Emperor of Japan. The building pictured on the stamp is the National Congress Palace of Honduras, located in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

The postmark is not very readable but it seems interesting by the design of the border of the circle.

Sonia also sent me a stamp sheet issued in 2008 and picturing paintings from the artist Gaye-Darlene Bidart de Satulsky.

I did not find information about this artist…

Thank you again Sonia. I will son send you something from France in return.

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Sonia Andrade Lee said...

Hello Eric! Glad to see my envelope reached you! Very happy with your post and also that you liked it!

In regards of your concerns, I don't know if this is a joint issue with Korea, but I can surely find out.

The postmark says HONDUCOR which is a short word for saying "Correos de Honduras" (Honduras Post Office). This is the webpage: but I must say, it doesn't have much information.

About the artist: she was born in French Harbour, Bay Islands. Daughter of a fisherman and a florist. Colors where her passion. And she studied Fine Arts in Yale University and painting in the Art Students League. Last year she presented her book: "Daughters of the Serpent". This is the webpage of this news, in spanish but for you to have an idea of who she is:

I hope we keep in touch! Take care!