Monday, July 16, 2012

In a mixture of old stamps

I have been very active on my blog these last days (not to say weeks). I have been so busy at work, including a short business trip to Shanghai for which I still feel very jetlagged… But today I decided to keep some time to write a post in my blog, to share some stamps with you.

There is one thing I really like to do when I need to relax. I like to have an unsorted mixture of stamps in front of me, and I like taking the time to examine the stamp one by one, selecting those that will go into some of my collections, putting aside those for which I want to find more information, later. I did this recently with a mixture of mint stamps that I have since ages now and that I never took the time to sort. I was so happy to find three stamps for my cow stamp collection that I decided to share them with you. I really like them.

The first one is from Colombia.

As you can see this is a surcharged and overprinted stamp. The original stamp is from 1932 and pictures cattle heads. The stamp was overprinted and surcharged on the 5th if January 1934 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Cartagena. Cartagena, Colombia is a city located on the northern coast of Colombia and was founded on June 1st 1533 and named after Cartagena, Spain. 

The second stamp I found is from Australia and pictures a boy, a girl and a calf.

It was issued on the 3rd of September 1953 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the young farmers’ clubs.

The last one is my preferred one. It is part of a set of three stamps issued by New Zealand in January 1956 to celebrate the centennial of Southland region. Southland, the southernmost region of the South Island, was part of Otago province until the abolition of the provincial system in 1876. For a period from 1860 to 1870, Southland had its own government located in the city of Invercargill. 1956 marked in fact the centennial of the founding of the city of Invercargill. After some reluctance, the New Zealand postal administration agreed to issues a set of stamps. A design competition was launched. The chosen designs were then highly amended by the selection committee. Printed by De la Rue, the full set contains three stamps with one that fits to my cow stamps collection.
The lowest face value stamp was designed by E.R. Leeming and shows a scene of whaling activity in Foveaux Strait located between the South Island and Stewart Island.

The scene is quite impressive, and you realize the danger of this activity when you see the small boat on the stamp! (This stamp somehow reminds me of Moby Dick from Herman Melville…)

The second stamp designed by L.C.Mitchell shows an allegorical farming scene with a very nice cow!

The scene is quite surprising I think. The way the woman and the cow look at the same direction is interesting. A very nice stamp for my collection.

The last stamp of the set was designed by M.R.Smith and shows a native flightless bird, the Takahe.

The Takahe, also known as Notornis, was thought extinct for some time, until it was rediscovered in 1948.

I spent a nice time sorting out my mixture of stamps and at the end I was really happy to get three more stamps for my collection!

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