Thursday, June 14, 2012

My visit to Le Salon du Timbre (II)

Let’s continue the exploration of what I saw and what I bought at “Le Salon du Timbre”.
Since several years now, the French postal administration sells what is called “collectors” which are in fact booklet containing four, eight or ten self adhesive pre-personalized stamps on the same topics. At the stamp fair I could buy two of the new “collectors”, one on European rockets and one about the planet Mars.

Because I bought those two items I got a gift, a small postal car!


Both collectors are in some way interactive. Indeed you can download an application on your Smartphone, and by scanning part of the collector you can get additional information.

These items are highly criticized in the French philatelic community. There are more and more of them issued by the French post, representing a high amount of money if you want them all. Some people also consider that they are not “real” stamps or that the subjects that are chosen are not really worth appearing on a stamp.
One series of such items is the most criticized one. It is the series about French regions. Indeed, in this series that started in 2009, 24 booklets have been issued per year, representing a total of 96 booklets! At the stamp air you could buy all of them as you can see in this picture.

On my side I’m a bit shared. I agree that this is too much, far too much. On the other hand, these items give you the possibility of franking your mail with small pictures of your region. I must admit that I used some of the “Paris” booklet on my mail and people were quite happy to receive them…
A part from the French post, several foreign postal administrations were present in the stamp fair. I have visited several of them, among which the booth of the Brazilian post where I bought this nice personalized stamp sheet issued at the occasion of the stamp fair.

I had a close look hoping to see a frog in one corner of the sheet but I did not find any… Anyway the sheet is rather nice I think.

They also offered me a gift, a pen.

Also in one corner of the stamlp fair I was pleased to see the booth of a charming artist, Laurence Delatte, who creates jewels using actual used stamps. Here is a card showing part of her work and a picture of the booth. You can also visit her website (in French) at

We had a nice chat about her work and why she selected the stamp as a part of her creation. She explained me that she has always been interested in stamps that she sees as a small piece of art. Also the stamp is a sort of link between people, because without the stamp, the mail never arrives to its destination (well normally…).

In the next final post I will share with you the covers that I sent to myself and that I started receiving already… Stay tuned..

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