Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Stamps to be issued by French post in May

I'm back from a short and very busy trip to Shanghai. A lot happened to me during this trip (for instance Air France succeeded in losting my luggage on the way to Shanghai!) and I had no time to deal with stamps while there. It is a pitty... Anyway, I'm back and tired with the jet lag...

As this is the 1st of May, a day off in France and in a lot of countries, this is time for me to give you a view of the stamps planned to be issued in May by the French postal administration. Here is a picture of the page for May in the calendar.

As you see, a lot of issues are planned (there will be even more in June): seven different issues.

The first one, planned for the 4th of May,  is a joint issue between France and Hong Kong containing four stamps: two stamps picture works of French artists and the two other picture works of artists from Hong Kong. French post will also sell a presentation pack containing both sets: the one from France and the one from Hong Kong.

On the 14th of May several issues at the same time:
- a joint issue between France and Vatican containing one stamp commemorating the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc. Again for this issue, French post will see a presentation pack containing both stamps, the one issued by Vatican and the one issued by France
- a stamp commemorating the 100th anniversary of the "Pacific 231 K 8", the last steam engine that was used in France
- a nice souvenir sheet with four stamps celebrating the 100Th anniversary of the creation of the LPO a league for the protection of birds. A nice iteam for birds stamp collectors!
- a souvenir sheet with one stamp commemorating the 300th anniversary of the battle of Denain that was fought on the 24th of July 1712 as part of the War of the Spanish Succession.

On the 20th of May will be issued a large stamp,  the Europa stamp picturing various famous places in France including the Eiffel tower. 

On the 26th of May a single stamp will be issued picturing Suscinio castle located in Morbihan, in the west of France.

The calendar page also mentions a souvenir sheet issued for the Red Cross but without date and without picture, so I don't know if the issue is confirmed. I will keep you informed.

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