Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Simple and nice cover from Japan

Some people don’t like when they receive a cover franked with “old” stamps (by old I mean stamps that have been issued more than 10 or 20 years ago). They consider that a modern cover should be franked only with recent stamps to be interested. I even got some comments on this blog in this direction. I have a different opinion. As far as stamps are still valid for postage, I do not see why they should not be used on a cover. This is the case for the cover received from Japan that I have chosen to share with you today. This is a very simple cover, but I find it really nice. And it is franked with stamps that have been issued more than twenty years ago.

Here is the cover.

It looks simple but nice, isn’t it?

The stamp on the far right was issued on the 5th of December 1983 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of universal declaration of human rights.  The very well known declaration was adopted on the 10th of December 1948 by a United Nations assembly held in Paris. The 35th anniversary has been celebrated by other postal administrations but I’m not completely sure I understand the choice of the design for the Japanese stamp. Anybody knows?

The next stamp on the left was issued on the 19th of May 1984. It is part of a long lasting series about the National reforestation campaign (I think the first stamp in this series was issued in 1971)
The stamp pictures a cedar forest and the Sakurajima volcano.

The next stamp was issued on the 19th of February 1984 to celebrate TSUKUBA’85 the international exposition that was held in Tsukuba from the 17th of March to the 16th of September. This world’s fair gathered 111 countries and received more that 20 millions visitors. The theme of the exposition was “Dwellings and surroundings – Science and Technology for Man at home”. This was the third world’s fair organized by Japan after Osaka in 1970 and Okinawa in 1975 and before Nagoya in 2005.

The stamp pictures Cosmo Hoshimaru, the official mascot of the exposition.

It was designed by Maki Takagaki, a junior high school student and was chosen through a nationwide competition. I think the mascot is pretty cute, no?

Finally the last stamp is a definitive stamp that I already presented in my blog.

At the end of the day, it gives a very nice cover I think.

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