Monday, April 02, 2012

Farming in Australia

On the 20th of March, the Australian postal administration has issued a set of stamps that appealed to me as one stamp fits to my cow stamp collection. The set contains five stamps and is celebrating different farming industries.

The first stamp is dedicated to the dairy industry and pictures very nice cows.

Dairy industry is a major rural industry in Australia after beef and wheat industries. Australia also produces a lot of different type of cheeses (I had the opportunity to taste some of them when I was there). Two species of cows are mainly found in Australia: the Holstein Friesian and the Jersey cow. I think this is the last one that is pictured on the stamp. 

The second stamp pictures the pinapple, which is orignating from South America but is cultivated now in Queensland and New South Wales. It has been introduced in Brisbane in 1838.

The third stamp pays tribute to the wine industry. 

Australia is among the top 10 wine growing countries. Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon are the grape varities that are the most cultivated in Australia.

Sunflowers are pictures on the fourth stamp. Originating from North America, they are grown mainly in Queensland and New South Wales. The seeds are used in the oil industry.

The last stamp pictures apple trees. I guess the apple type that is pictured here is the Pink Lady which is highly cultivated in Australia. 

The set of stamps is available in a presentation pack that I found very nice.

Here is the official FDC and the maximum card.

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Rob Mandanici said...

Good afternoon, Nice Blog! I have started to receive a few of these farming stamps on my incoming parcel mail in the last week or two. They are very beautiful stamps!