Saturday, March 31, 2012

French stamps to be issued in April

Today is the last day of March so it is time for me to share with you the list of stamps that are planned to be issued by French post in Arpil.

On the 16th of April will be issued one engraved stamp dedicated to Epernay, a small city located near Reims in the Champagne area! This stamps is issued at the occasion of a stamp fair that will be held in this city from the 13th to the 15th of April. Normally I should be there so I will have the oportunity to tell you about this stamp fair (I never loose the oportunity to go to the Champagne area ;-))

On the 23rd of April will be issued a colorful miniature sheet in the Nature series and picturing tropical fishes. I'm sure this issue will appeal to the fish stamps collectors. It looks very nice in the calendar at least.

And on the 30th of April will be issued a booklet of twelve auto-adhesive stamps dedicated to paintings from the 20th century. Hard to see on the picture what will really be the resul, so let's wait.

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