Monday, March 05, 2012

A cover from Pakistan and the start of a new collection?

I have received this cover from Pakistan and I never found the time to share it with you on this blog. Recently it came back to my memory for reasons that I will explain a bit later. Let me first speak about the stamps on the cover.

The four stamps that are located in the right corners have been issued on the 7th of October 2010 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Lawrence College in Ghora Gali. This college is an elite educational institution situated at the foothills of Himalaya. It was founded in 1860 and named after Major General Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence.
The stamps picture various views of the college at different time. On the left side is pictured the emblem of the college that includes the motto “never give in”, supposed to instill to students the spirit of excellence and the tenacity to overcome obstacles.

Together with this set of stamps, this 150th anniversary was also celebrated by the issue of a commemorative coin.

The stamp located on the left side was issued on the 5th of November 2010 and is part of the Child art series. I guess that the design is the result of a competition of art among children.

The last stamp, located in the bottom corner was issued on the 19th of January 2011. It marks the celebration by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority 100 Million Cellular Subscribers! The stamp pictures a mobile phone and because of this, it triggered specially my interest, giving me the idea of a new collection. It is the reason why the cover came back to my memory but I will explain this more in details in a next post (just to keep the suspense ;-)).

Let me show you the back of the cover that carries a label which is probably part of the margin of a sheet of stamps about the Lawrence College. The label picture the emblem of the college that is also pictured on the stamps.

The two other stamps are part of the definitive series and they picture Mohammed Ali Jinnah (1876-1948), a politician considered as the father of the nation.

The cancellation from Islamabad is not to bad on the stamps, giving as a result a nice cover fro my collection.

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