Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Avatar on stamps

I have been very busy these last days. So busy that I could not find time to deal with stamps and to write in this blog. I missed it! I take benefit of some free time to share with you a nice cover that I reveived from another blogger nammed Eric (if you haven't visited his blog I invite you to do it. It is very well done!). Thank you Eric for this sending. 
So here is the cover.

I must admit first that my scanner did not really pay tribute to the stamp. The reason behind is that the stamp is printed with a metallic effect that has disturbed my scanner... It is a pitty because the actual stamp look rather nice. It is a pre-personalized stamp that is part of a collector issued by the French post in December 2009 to celebrate the famous movie Avatar. Here is a better pitcure of the full collector.

Even though I am a sci-fi fan, I must tell you that, up to now, I did not see the movie Avatar! I know, shame on me... So many things to do, so litle time. As usual.

The cover bears also two nice postmarks. The one on the left side celebrates the 6th congress of the group of philatelic associations of the Rhône-Alpes area that was held in Lyon (hence the symbolic lion in the middle of the cancel).
The postmark that cancels the stamp celebrates the 50th anniversary of one association that is part of this group and that was in charge of the organization of the congress: Philapostel Rhône-Alpes.

The result gives a very nice cover.

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