Saturday, February 25, 2012

Se-tenant Xmas stamps from New Zealand

Last year I had the opportunity to buy some stamps from the website of the New Zealand postal administration. It was some stamps related to rugby that I really wanted and I thought the best way was to buy them from the source. What I did not know at this time (well I should say what I did not notice at this time) is that when you buy from this website, you accumulate “Kiwi Points”. Of course the number of Kiwi Points is directly related to the amount of money you spend. What are those points for, you may wonder?
Well, this is simple. I recently received a letter from the New Zealand post telling me it was time for me to use my Kiwi Points accumulated in 2011. The letter invited me to go on the website to know more. I was surprised and went to see on the site. Then I found out that these points could be used to get, for free, some philatelic items! 
As I did not accumulate so many points in 2011, I was limited to some of the very first choices. Here is what I got.

This is a se-tenant strip of 2011 Xmas stamps. A nice set of stamps I think, showing various views of the nativity. The only thing I regret is that none of these nativity stamps actually shows the traditional ox. You can see the donkey, but not the ox. So I can not put them in my “cow and ox” collection ;-)
But what is worth to be noticed is that this version of the stamps, in se-tenant strip, can not be purchased from the New Zealand post. You can buy the stamps separately, but not the se-tenant version. It seems that this version of the stamps is reserved only as a bonus to get from Kiwi points. I checked again, and it seems that this is the same for all the other items you can get from this way: they are philatelic items that you can not purchase directly from the post office and therefore they are somehow rare.

Nice idea, don’t you think so?

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