Wednesday, February 29, 2012

French stamps planned to be issued in March

First of all I would like to start by an apology. On this last day of February I will not be able to show you actual scans of the stamps issued by French post in February as I did for the ones issued in January. Due to unexpected personal troubles my schedule is a bit disturbed these days and I could not yet find the time to purchase them. You can check here the issues that were planned: they have all been issued according to the plan.

Now let’s see the plan for March. Here is the March page of the calendar from French post.

As you can see there will be four issues this month. 
  • on the 8th of March will be the first day of issue of a booklet of twelve self-adhesive stamps dedicated to “portraits of women in paintings”
  • on the 23rd of March, a souvenir sheet with four stamps, part of the “European capitals” series, will be issued picturing Copenhagen. This is the eleventh issue in this series started in 2002 after Rome, Luxembourg, Athens, Berlin, Nicosia, Brussels, Prague, Lisbon, Paris and Budapest
  • on the same day will be issued a single stamp dedicated to Moulins, a city located in the center of France
  • during the last weekend of March will be the first day of issue of a souvenir sheet with four stamps dedicated to “the ways to Santiago de Compostela” celebrating the famous pilgrimage to the Spanish city. To be noted that the general availability of this souvenir sheet will be in fact in April
Looking at the picture I must admit I am not very excited by the design of the last souvenir sheet (but let’s wait to have the real item in hands). The booklet seems interesting and I like the two other items.


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Anonymous said...

Those portrait stamps look very nice, but remind me about the dilemma I'm having with self-adhesive issues. They just look like stickers kids play with. I am an amateur collector who has interest in Canadian stamps. However, I noticed that more and more of them come in self-adhesive form! The souvenir sheets on the other hand seem to follow a more traditional format, but I try avoiding them generally.

I guess my question is, how do you deal with self-adhesive stamps in your collection? How are they stored? Should I just tear the souvenir sheet apart to get a "normal" looking stamp?