Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unusual cancellation on a French cover

I have received this cover a long time ago but I never took the time to share it with you. Over the weekend I was doing some clean up among the scanned images in my PC and I found it back and decided to show it today.

The stamps on the cover are not the reason why I wanted to write about it? Nevertheless, let me give some information about them.
The stamp on the left has been issued in 1973 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the cooperation treaty between France and Germany. That was signed on the 22nd of January 1963. The design of the stamp uses a mixture of the French and German flags to illustrate this cooperation.
The other stamp has been issued in 1989 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the French revolution. The stamp has been designed by the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon and pictures the birds used as a logo during the commemoration.

The real reason that triggered my intention to share this cover with you is the cancel. The block of four stamps is cancelled with an unusual rectangular cancel. Here is a close up of the cancellation (I tried to play with Photoshop to highlight more the cancel, this is the best I could do).

As you can see the cancel reads: Montrouge CCT1 920840.

Montrouge is the city where I live. CCT1 stands for Centre de Courrier Type 1 (Mail center type 1). My understanding is that a CCT1 comes from the split of a post office in two separate entities (located in the same place but with their own director): one entity for mail sorting/distribution and one for the general public. I don’t know what a CCT2 is and I don’t know if there are other types of CC.
I guess 920840 is the code of the CCT1 of Montrouge.

This is the firs time I see such cancel on a cover. I guess that what happened is that the cover left un-cancelled the place where it was mailed and that when it arrives in Montrouge mail center they used what they had in hands to cancel the stamps.

At the end it gives an unusual item!

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