Tuesday, November 08, 2011

My visit to "le salon d'automne" (cont'd)

Just a short postto share with you the FDC that I sent to myslef from the "salon d'automne" that I mentioned in my previous post.
Here are the two FDC.

I also wanted to share with you something I forgot. During the stamp fair, on the booth of the French post, you could buy an advent calendar. Here is a small picture coming from the web, the calendar being to big to be scanned.

The 24 "windows" of the advent calendar are decorated with "pictures of happinness". Behind each window there is a piece of chocolate. Of course I did not open any as I'm waiting for the 1st of December to start.

I found this idea rather strange. Even stranger is that the French post also sells a collector of 24 pre-personalized stamps reusing the same pictures than on the calendar. Here is the cover of the collector and the stamps. As the collector is rather large I scanned it in three pieces (the collector being folded in three anyway).

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