Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Christmas almost there?

I can not believe it. We are only at the beginning of November, but already since several weeks Christmas decorations and chocolates have appeared in shops and super-markets. Also on the philatelic front Christmas stamps issues are popping up from everywhere. On Tuesday it was the case of Royal Mail that has issued a set of stamps in various forms including a souvenir sheet.
Here are the stamps.

Here is the souvenir sheet.

Some of the stamps are also available in booklets.

The design is rather traditional for Christmas stamps, using scenes from the Nativity.

Christmas stamps, when they picture Nativity, is a big source for my collection of stamps picturing cows and oxen. Indeed, very often the traditional ox is pictured on the stamps together with the donkey as it is the case of one of the stamps from Royal Mail.

Also in the nativity stamps from France that I bough during the stamp fair (mettre un lien), several stamps picture an ox in the background. I will probably have to dedicate one part of my cow and ox stamp collection to Christmas stamps!

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