Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A cover from Colombia and a new frog item

I recently received a very nice cover from Colombia that I would like to share with you. This is a registered letter, franked with an interesting number of stamps. The stamps are cancelled with a nice postmark from Bogota. A nice result! Here is the cover.

The stamp on the left part of the cover was issued in 2005 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Colpatria bank. The stamp pictures the Colpatria tower that hosts the headquarter of the bank, a 50 story skyscraper located in Bogota. This is the tallest building of the country; it was built in 1978/1979.

The stamp located in the middle of the cover is part of a set of four corporate stamps issued on the 1st of March 2009 to commemorate the launch 4.72, the new name of the postal service in Colombia. I could not find information about the origin of this name, 4.72?

The last stamp on the right was issued in 2006 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Saint Francis Xavier.

But what was even more interesting for me was what was inside the cover: a souvenir sheet recently issued by Colombian post to celebrate biodiversity. I’m not a bog fan of the design of the souvenir sheet, as it looks really artificial. It looks similar to other souvenir sheets issued by this country. I could not find the exact date of issue of the sheet, so if you have information, please contact me.

Here is the item.

As you can see the souvenir sheet pictures several frogs, two on the border and one on the stamp. The stamp pictures a rather impressive number of species of animals and plants! The design is quite loaded. Only the animals and plants pictured on the stamp are identified, which makes the stamp design even more crowded.

The frog pictured on the stamp is a Lhemann’s Poison frog (Dendrobates lehmanni), a species of frog that is endemic to Colombia. It is named after the Colombian biologist Frederico Carlos Lehmann. The stamp pictures three other animals and four plants!

I take this opportunity to tell you that I’m working on a BIG reshuffling of my frog stamp website. It takes me a lot of time and energy, this is why I have less time to update this blog. I hope I will be able to finish soon and to share it with you.

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José Tomas Buitrago said...

The name 4-71 refers to the geographical coordinates of Colombia:

4° latitude north
72° longitude west