Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cover from Japan

Every international stamp exhibition is the opportunity for the receiving postal administration to issue set of stamps to commemorate the event. This is the case of Japan postal administration that issued several stamps for Phila’Nippon, the international stamp exhibition that took place from the 28th of July 2011 until the 2nd of August 2011 in Yokohama. One of these stamps has been used on this nice cover that I received from Japan.

The stamp I speaking about is the one on the right, the stamp attached to a label. The label pictures the logo of Phila’Nippon 2011, with the rabbit riding a horse. The stamp is part of a set of ten stamps that picture ten of the thirty-six views of Mount Fuji.
The “thirty-six views of Mount Fuji” is a series of woodblock prints made by the artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), each print picturing a different view of the Mount Fuji. These prints were made from an image carved in wood and then printed on paper (each color needing a different carved woodblock!). Despite its name, the full series actually contains 46 views, ten have been produce later after the public success of the first 36.

The stamp used on the cover pictures the city of Hodoyaga on the Tokaido road.

You can see the whole series of prints by clicking here.

The ten stamps of the set have been issued as a souvenir sheet; here is a picture of the full sheet coming from the Japan Post website. As you can see, each stamp has a different label attached. A nice set I think.

The second stamp used on the cover is a prefecture stamp (i.e. a stamp issued in a specific prefecture). This one is from Kanagawa prefecture and is part of a set of ten stamps issued on the 21st of May 2010 to celebrate the National Reforestation Campaign. The objective of this campaign is to promote the adoption of the “green attitude”.
The stamp pictures a flower native from Japan, the Lilium auratum. The particularity of this set is that on the margin of each stamp is pictures the seeds of the corresponding flower as you can see on the cover.

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