Sunday, October 02, 2011

Born in 1966

If you read my blog regularly you know that I was born in 1966. And you probably know also that I am collecting all stamps issued this year. I know this is a collection I will never be able to complete, because there were too many stamps issued.  Also some of them have a price that exceeds than what I accept to pay for a stamp. Nevertheless I go on with my accumulation of stamps issued in 1966.

I’m always happy when I complete one of the steps: complete a country or complete an “omnibus” series. There are several “omnibus series” issued in 1966, such as the one for the Soccer World Cup. Or also as the Europa series that I recently completed. I have now all Europa stamp issued in 1966!

Europa stamps have been issued for the first time in 1956. At this time 6 countries have participated, the six members of the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community). It was handed over to CEPT (European Conference or Postal and Telecommunication Administrations) in 1959, and more recently, in 1993, to PostEurop.In 1956 all stamps issued had the same design. The principal of a unique design was used from 1958 until 1973.  Since 1974 the Europa stamps shares a common theme but not a common design (with exception of 1984, for the 25th anniversary of the CEPT and in 2000).  In 1966 the common design was still the rule. This year the design was a symbolic ship representing the CEPT steady progress on a calm sea.  Nineteen countries have participated to the 1966 Europa issue (with the first participation of French Andorra) but only seventeen have used the common design, representing 34 stamps. Some countries have issued monochrome stamps, others have issued multicolored ones. Interesting to notice that for two countries (Belgium and Netherlands) there are four wave lines below the boat while for the others there are only three. I wonder why there is such a difference?
Andorra (Fr)





Two countries did not follow the common design, Spain and San Marino. I do not know if they are counted as official Europa issue in this case? The Spanish stamps picture what I interpreted as Europa from the Greek mythology, the woman being seduced by Zeus transformed into a bull (except that in this case the bull should be white as in the legend…).

The one from San Marino pictures a painting from Joaquin de Angulo, "Alma Mater Europae" - Our Lady of Europe, ridipinta da un'antica tavola del 1502 della Punta d'Europa, a Gibilterra. repainted in 1502 from an old table of the Punta Europa, Gibraltar.

I have decided to start a new website to display my collection of stamps from 1966. This is only the beginning and when it is advanced enough I will share the link with you (I would need several lives to complete all what I would like to do…)

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Singapore Stamps said...

You should try to collect the stamps issued in Singapore for the year of 1966. Based on my knowledge, there was only 1 set of 3 stamps which is the 1st Anniversary of Singapore. Should cost you less than US$10 to own the set of mounted mint