Thursday, September 01, 2011

Why do we bother ?

Yes, why do we bother? Why do we bother using valid postage stamps on our mail while item franked with fantasy stamps seem to go through the French postal service without problem?

I have already shared with you in a previous post that came to me with a laber from a famous cheese brand instead of a valid postage stamp. Today I’m sharing with you another one, this time bearing an ad for Milka, the chocolate brand, in place of a postage stamp. And it arrived in my mail box without issue, with even a proper mechanical cancellation!

This cover was sent by a friend. He has used on the cover what I think is called an artistamp, i.e. a creation from a mail artist. Artistamps are not intended to full the postal service, and they do not copy the design of an actual postage stamp (as fake stamps would do). Some artists nevertheless try to get their creation through the postal service as apart of the artistic process. Creating artistamps is a form of mail art as you can read in this interesting article available on Wikipedia

I think that the “stamp” on the cover is really nice, really a piece of art, and it looks as nice as many stamps issued by the French post ;-) It uses the lilac cow that is part in all ads of the chocolate brand.

What is funny is that, not only this is not a real stamp, but also it is not even inscribed “France” but “Switzerland”, the country from which the Milka brand is originating. And the cancelling machine did not detect anything!

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