Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Nantaise cow

As part of my collection of stamps picturing cattle (cow, bull, ox...) I also try to find postmarks picturing these animals. I'm not searching for thems very actively, but I'm always happy when I find one, even by accident.

The item I have selected for today is the first example of a postmark picturing a cow that I could get. Here it is.

This commemorative postmark celebrates the 2010 session of the annual fair held in Le Dresny (a small town located near Nantes, in the west of France) around a specific species of cow: La Nantaise (the Nantaise cow, that takes its name from Nantes). I do not know exactly what happens during this fair, but at least last year it was possible to get such nice postmark. 

The Nantaise cow is a type of cow that is light brown, looking very similar to the Jersey cattle. The Nantaise cow alsmost disappeared (there were only 50 left in France in 1985!) and is now a preserved species. 

Just for the pleasure here is a picture of a Nantaise cow.

(This post is dedicated to Lady Clochette. She will understand why!)

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Laura said...

Here are a few Canadian cow cancels:

You can also see them on my 'Canada Post Pictorial Cancels' page