Saturday, August 06, 2011

Would you like to be my valentine?

Strange title, I know ;-) But it has to do with the item I have selected for today’s post.

I already explained in this blog that one of the funny thing when you are a topical (or thematic) collector, and when your open your collection to all philatelic items, is that you sometimes find unusual and interesting items. Some years ago I have decided to include postal stationeries into my frog collection, and today I would like to share with you one of the latest I got.

The item is a lettergram, issued by Australian post. A lettergram was a service provided by Australian post at the end of the 80’s or beginning of the 90’s that allowed you to send a telegram through the postal service. If I understood well, you had to call a specific number and dictate your message. Then the message was printed and put in a cover sent through the postal service. To mark some specific events (birth of a new baby, anniversary, etc etc) the Australian post has issued decorated covers to be used for this service. This is the case of the item below, who
is a lettergram and a valentine card at the same time.

Here if the front side.
It’s not so easy to se on the scan, but there is a rectangle “window” that lets appear the address of the recipient when the message is put in the cover. The cover is not made of paper, but of a thick cardboard and looks more like a greeting cards.
The printed stamp is not really a stamp but just a logo to indicate the postage paid.
When you open the cover you see this.

You understand why it goes into my frog collection ;-)
Again it’s hard to see, but on the left part you can insert the message to be sent.

On the back side there is nothing else than the logo of Australian post and the phone number that should be called for the lettergram service.
I think the Australian post discontinued the service in 1993. I do not know for how long it was opened and how many types of similar items were available. If you have any information on this I would be happy to hear from you.

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