Monday, August 29, 2011

Registered cover and stamps from Iraq

I have been rather busy these days and I was not able to update my blog since almost two weeks. What a pity. At last I found some free time tonight to write this post.

Today I would like to share with you a registered cover I received from Iraq and also some mint stamps from the same country. The cover arrived rather damaged from the transport in the postal service, some stamps being torn, but I decided to share it with you anyway as it is quite rare for me to receive mails from this country. The cover is quite large so it did not fit into my scanner. But let me show you the picture.

The first thing that you can notice is the part of a stamp sheet that has been used to frank the cover. A mint copy of the full sheet was included in the cover so I’m able to show you the complete thing.

The sheet contains eight different stamps. The set was issued on the 28th of June 2010 and pictures prehistoric fauna. The sheet is rather impressive, but I must admit that this is not really the type of stamps I would have expected from Iraq. Together with the sheet, two additional large imperforated stamps have been issued. Here they are.

These two items are rather strange for me. I don’t know if they should be used as normal stamps?

Not less that eight different stamps have been used to frank the cover. From left to right and top to bottom, here are some details on the stamps.

The first one was torn during the transport, so here is an image of the stamp.

This stamp is a part of three stamps issued in 2009. The set celebrates the FIFA Confederation Cup organized in South Africa in 2009. Brazil has won this international soccer competition and it was the first participation of Iraq.

The second stamp is also torn. Here is a proper image

The stamp is part of a set of 2007 stamps picturing birds. The one which is just below on the cover also belongs to the same set. The stamp on the top pictures Pin-tailed sandgrouses (Pterocles alchata) while the second stamp pictures the Olive Bee-eater (Merops superciliosus). The full set contains eight stamps.

The two next stamps on the cover belong to a set from 2007 picturing personalities from Iraq. The full set contains four stamps.

The first stamp on the second row is part of a 2007 set containing one stamp and one souvenir sheet and dedicated to flora. The stamp on the cover pictures violets.

The square stamp gave me some hard time for identification. I finally found out that it is part of set of three stamps celebrating the national reconciliation.

The last one is part of a set of stamps picturing musicians. The stamp is also torn in the corner. Here is the stamp as it was issued, se-tenant with another stamp.

The cover bears two different postmarks, the second one picturing the map of Iraq.

Finally here is another set of stamps issued recently by Iraq which is now part to my frog collection. The set was issued in 2010 for the year of the biodiversity. It contains four stamps and a souvenir sheet.

The souvenir sheet pictures a frog in the border, hence my interest in this issue!

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great looking dino stamps.