Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A cover from Norway

Last weekend I have made some clean up on the hard disk of my home PC and I realized that I had scanned some covers and philatelic items that I did not share with you yet. This is the case of the cover I selected for today, a cover from Norway, a country from where I do not get mails very often (I think this cover is my second one only in the last ten years…).

The cover was sent to me by the son of a friend who went to Norway for few days. Here is the cover.

Probably confused by the vertical text the sender has put the stamps vertically while I think it would have been better to have them put horizontally. Never mind. Two different stamps are used on the cover, they both belong to a set of six stamps issued on the 12th of April 2088. This set is a set of “tourist” stamps, i.e. stamps that are mainly targeting tourists who want to put nice stamps when sending news to their family or friends during their holidays in the country. This type of stamps always picture nice sceneries from the country as it is the case for this set. This is a good illustration of stamps being like a sort of little ambassadors of the issuing country.

But let’s have a look to the full set. The first stamp (also used on the cover) pictures a part of the Sunmore Alps (apologies to my Norwegian readers, my keyboard does not allow me using the right “o” which should be crossed with a bar in the middle to respect the correct orthography).

The sharp mountain is called purposely “the blade”.

The second stamp, also used on the cover, pictures a very impressive scene, two guys on a stone plugged between two rocks. This big stone is called the Kjerag boulder, Kjerag being the name of a Norwegian mountain. This place has become a popular BASE jumping destination.

The next stamp of the set pictures a view of Lyngor, a nice village that is accessible only by boat and where there are no cars. Must be a nice place to be ;-)

The next stamp pictures the Lyngor lighthouse. Well, this is what the information from the website of Norwegian post says, because the light house can hardly be seen on the stamp… It is hidden by the vertical writing.

The two last stamps of the set are dedicated to Oslo. One pictures Olso harbour, with the city hall in the background

The other one pictures a very impressive sculpture from Ola Enstad called “the divers”. Must be nice to see it in real!

I think this set is rather nice and could easily give the idea to visit the country to see it in real life. After all, this is what stamps should mainly do, no? I only regret that none of the stamps contains the name of the place it pictures!

These days Norway is in the news for very very sad reasons. This post is my philatelic tribute to mark my support to the people of Norway.

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