Friday, June 10, 2011

Frogs of the world challenge: a call for help

This post will take the shape of a call for help, help for a (sort of) mail-art project that I just initiated. I called it “frogs of the world challenge”. Here is the idea. My challenge is to receive from as many countries as possible, a cover that I designed in the following way:
- the cover is illustrated with a drawing of a frog, decorated with the flag of the country
- below the frog is written “frog” in the language of the country

As you can imagine I have already started sending such covers to myself during some of my trips. Here are the two first examples that I sent to myself, one from China and one from Wales. I also took a picture of the mailboxes in which I posted the cover.

I should get one soon from Romania and Ireland thanks to help of some friends.

If you want to help me in this project, here is what you should do. Contact me by
email and send me:
- your postal address
- the translation of the word ‘frog” in the language(s) of your country
- if you have a specific topic that you collect, let me know also

I will send you a letter from France that will include a cover I will have designed in the model show above, but adapted to your country. The only thing you will have to do it to put a stamp on cover and send it back to me.
If you could take a picture of the mailbox from where you sent the cover it is even better.
Of course I will pay for the stamp (I can send you mint French stamps in exchange if you are interested or other things. Just tell me what you would like).

I will display the covers I will get in a dedicated blog that I’m setting up around mail-art.

A big thank you in advance to all who accept to help me in this project.


Velu said...

Hi Eric. Great idea.

You have my address. Send me the envelope in Singapore & I'll do the needful.


Nathalie said...

Hi, I made a blog post about your fun challenge with a link to your blog so collectors can have the full details.

I really like your idea, it will make a very unusual collection of stamped covers. I wish you good luck with this!

Comme je suis aussi en France,je ne peux pas vous aider par contre ma famille est au Canada alors si vous n'avez pas de réponse des Canadiens je peux facilement arranger cela!

Bree said...

I sent you an email but I forgot to include the name of 'frog' in my country's language. Frog is called "Katak" in Malay language ( official language of Malaysia ) Hope to hear from you soon!