Tuesday, May 03, 2011

History of France (II)

Several months ago I promised, here on this blog, to show some old French stamps that I like. I started by showing you the three first stamps of a series initiated in 1996 and dedicated to the history of France. And due to lack of time, or I don’t know what, I did not show you any other stamps of the series. While sorting out pictures on my hard disk I found out the scan of the following stamps of the series and I decided that it was time to share them with you.

The three first stamps of the series issued in 1966 can be seen
here. In 1967, there other stamps have been issued in the series. Again the three stamps are dedicated to three former rulers of France, three former kings to be precise.

The first one pictures the election of the first king of France of the Capetian dynasty, Hugues Capet.

Huges Capet (939-996) was elected King of France on the 3rd of July 987 which started the largest and the oldest Europe royal house, the house of Capet.

The second stamp is rather impressive. I really find it beautiful. It is dedicated to Philippe Auguste (1165-1223), also known as Philip II of France who was king of France from 118à until his death.

The stamp pictures the king during the Bouvines battle that took place in 1214. I remember that when I was a stamp collector, I was really impressed by this stamp.

The last stamp of the 1967 issue is dedicated to Louis IX of France (1214-1270).

Also known as Saint Louis, he became king of France in 1226. He is the only king of France who has been canonized (he was canonized in 1297). The stamp pictures a very famous scene, Saint Louis rendering justice under an oak in Vincennes where he lived. Saint Louis is very often pictured in this situation. To be noted that he has given his name to a lot of places in the world, among others let’s mention the city of Saint Louis in the USA!

The series has continued for several years so I will have the pleasure to show you some others in future posts (I will try not to wait so long for next time!).

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