Monday, April 11, 2011

The Trojan horse, revisited

I can not resist to the pleasure of sharing with you the latest mail-art cover that I received from my friend Philippe Charron. He has revisited the well known legend of the Trojan horse, replacing the horse by my newly favorite animal the cow, and replacing the legendary city of Troy by the French city of Troyes! And here is the result.

When I found this cover in my mail box, after the first “wow” marking my positive surprise and after the first smile acknowledging the humor behind the design, came a question mark: where is (are) the stamp(s)?

I did not find them at the first glance as they are very well hidden in the design. Did you find them?

If you look closely to the top right of the cover you will see that the cover is franked with a set of four identical stamps as the one pictured below.

This stamp was issued in 1978 and pictures the Hotel de Mauroy, a historical building that is now a museum, located in the nice city of Troyes.

Obviously you need to be good friend with your postal clerk when you are a mail-artist. I’m not sure that mine would accept postmarking manually a cover on which I have transformed the stamps in such a way!

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