Thursday, April 14, 2011

Frog shaped souvenir sheet issued by Namibia

End of March, the postal administration of Namibia has issued the first frog shaped souvenir sheet! This is not the first time a souvenir sheet having the shape of an animal is issued, but this is the first time one is issued with the shape of a frog. The souvenir sheet contains four stamps intended to be used on postcards. Here is the item (this is not an actual scan of the sheet, since I haven’t yet found it, but this is a picture coming from the Namibian post website).

The frogs that are pictured are all frogs coming from Africa. Clockwise, the species that are pictured are:

- the Long Reed frog (Hyperolius nasutus)

- the Bubbling kassina (Kassina senegalensis)

- the Tandy's sand frog (Tomopterna tandyi)

- teh Angolan Reed frog (Hyperolius parallelus)

The sheet itself pictures a giant bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus)

Rather impressive, isn’t it? I would even say a little bit eccentric, no? I wonder how many postcards are going to be franked with these stamps…

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