Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cover from Argentina

I’m back from a very intensive week in Shanghai. Obviously not intensive enough as I have to go back there next week! This is good for my frequent flyer program but a bit tiring for my body. Hopefully May will be full of holidays for me, and then I will be able to have some rest.

When I came back from Shanghai I had the pleasure to find my mailbox full of mails. Among various interesting covers there was this cover that I received from Argentina. It was sent by Viviana (thank you very much Viviana), who maintains a very nice blog :

The stamps used to frank the cover are part of a booklet issued on the 26th of July 2008 for young philatelists. The objective of the booklet is to encourage young people to start collecting stamps. The stamps are illustrated by popular kids’ tales. The stamps used on the cover are illustrating the tale “Mamarrachos por carta" from Ricardo Marino that tells about a monkey who falls into a mailbox!. The stamps have been issued in booklet pane.

The other booklet panes are part of the set.

And four single stamps complete the issue, giving twenty differents stamps for this set!

The cover is cancelled with large circular postmarks, as often seen on cover from Argentina.

Thank you again Viviana. As soon as I can I will send you a cover from France!

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