Monday, March 14, 2011

Rugby in Italy

I spent the last weekend in Rome, Italy. I was there mainly to attend, on Saturday, to the rugby game between Italy and France as part of the 2011 six nations’ tournament. If you follow a bit the news on rugby you know that I am disappointed since, for the first time in the history of rugby, Italy has beaten France! Congratulations to the Italian team (la squadra azura), who really deserves its victory. And the French team really deserves its defeat. Not a very good sign few months before the rugby world cup that will start in November in New Zealand!
At least this game was an historic one and I can say: I was there.

This trip to Rome has a philatelic twist that I did not plan. In fact, in front of the Flaminio stadium where the game was going to be played there was a booth from the Italian post where you could by stamps and get postmarks related to rugby. Here is a picture of the booth with few people queuing in front of it (I must admit that the queues were bigger in front of the booths where you could buy beers or even get free whisky shots ;-) ).

I bought there a nice philatelic folder dedicated to the stamp issued on the 30th of October 2010 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mario Mazzuca. Mario Mazzuca (1910-1983) was one of the first pioneers of Italian rugby. A street located near the Flaminio stadium has been named after him in 2007. Here is a picture of a stamp picturing a portrait of Mario Mazzuca and some rugby player in the background.
The folder also contains a FDC and a postal card.

One last item is included in the folder, an item that I would call a philatelic card which is a card having the size of a credit card and containing one copy of the stamp protected with a plastic cover.

This sort of philatelic item seems to be common, as they are available for each and every stamp issue. I think I never saw any similar item from another country than Italy.

To give you a complete view here is a picture of the full folder, recto and verso side. The folder has the size of an A4 sheet.

This will be a nice souvenir of my trip to Rome!

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