Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter and stamps from Canada

Time is running so quickly and I have been so busy these last days that I haven't published anything in this blog since ages! What a shame. Today I decided to stop and take the time to write a short post. I wanted to share with you a nice letter that I received from Canada.

Here it is.

The cover is franked with the souvenir sheet issued by Canadian post on the 7th of January 2011 to celebrate the year of the rabbit. To better appreciate it, here is the souvenir sheet put in the write direction.

The idea of the stamp on this mini sheet is to picture a piece of cloth with a traditional Chinese embroidery, with two rabbits running after each other in an infinite loop. I think this is the most beautiful issue I have seen on this subject this year. Don't you think so?

I'm not always a big supporter of these numerous stamps about Chinese new new year that are issued by more countries, I think this is only an additional reason to get money from stamp collectors. But this one is really nice I think. At the same time a single stamp was issued. Here it is (picture coming from Canada post website).

I got this cover through a stamp exchange circuit, so the cover contained stamps of course. I selected two items that I would like to show you also.

First there is an odd sapped souvenir sheet issued on the 3rd of March 2010.

The souvenir sheet is dedicated to African violets. African violet is the common name of the Saintpaulia, a flowering plant native from Tanzania. The name Saintpaulia comes the Baron Walter von Sait Paul-Illaire (1860-1910), the district commissioner of Tanga province who discovered the plant in Tanganyka in 1892. Saintpaulia are widely cultivated as house plants.

I like the idea of having cut the sheet following the shape of the flower. The stamps have aslo been issued as single stamps, both in gummed and auto-adhesive version as often for Canadian stamps.

To be noted that the stamps do not bear any denomination.

The second set of stamps that I found in the cover is this one, issued on the 15th of May 2009.

The stamp on the left pictures a Canadian horse, a breed which is used nowadays mainly for driving. The stamp on the right pictures a Newfoundland pony.

A nice set for collectors of horses on stamps!

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