Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Cattle on stamps

First of all, let me start this post with a big thank you. Thank you to Eric who maintains a very nice and interesting blog. Thank you because he sent me a nice cover that fits into my new area of collections, cattle on stamps. Here is the cover.
The stamp is part of what the French postal administration called a “stamped collector”. Let me tell you some words about this.
Since several years, the French post proposes a service accessible from its website to produce personalized stamps. You upload a picture and then you can order self-adhesive stamps using this picture. I already
wrote about this service. A lot of postal administrations in the world are now proposing similar service. As some others, the French post uses this “trick” to issue pre-personalized stamps that are sold in sort of booklets. These booklets are issued to commemorate an event, to pay tribute to famous people for instance. The French post has also issued such booklets to celebrate the French regions. When you know that there are 22 regions in France, you imagine the number of booklets that have been issued. These booklets have triggered a lot of debates in the philatelic community. They are seen more as additional ways to get money out of the pockets of stamp collectors than as stamps answering a real postal need. The presentation pack with the seeds stamps that I showed in my previous post is an example of such booklet. On the other hand, some of these booklets are rather nice. I think the main issue is, as always, that there are too many!

The stamp that Eric has used on the cover is part of a booklet issued to celebrate Limousin, a French region located in the center of the country. The booklet was issued in August 2009. Here is a full picture of it.

The idea of these collectors is that they picture various aspects of the region: landmarks, monuments, gastronomy, flora or fauna.
On the cover, the stamp pictures an ox from the Limousin breed. Limousin cattle is a very old breed originating from this area. One of its particularities is a heavy musculature.

In 2010 there was a second booklet issued for the same region. Here it is.

No ox or no cow this time…

I would like to take benefice of this post to give you some news about my collection of stamps picturing cows. It is growing slowly. I’m regularly updating my other blog
http://cattleonstamps.blogspot.com . As you can see on this blog I have oriented my collection towards “cattle on stamps”, more precisely “domestic cattle on stamps” as it is not always easy to see if the stamp pictures a cow or an ox. So far I have mainly gathered the stamps matching the topic from all the stamps I have accumulated over the year. And I am also following the new issues. I realized that the topic is very wide and I fear that this will lead to huge number of stamps. For instance the celebration of the Lunar New Year is a source of big amount of stamps through the year of the ox… Never mind I will keep going on my collection and see what comes out of it. In parallel I’m still following my frog stamps collection, but for this topic there are less and less items that I do not have yet.

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Eric Contesse said...

Merci Eric pour tes gentils mots concernant mon blog :)
J'ai bien reçu (merci beaucoup !!) ton souvenir de la Fête du Timbre à Paris, malheureusement massacré comme ceux que tu as reçu...
J'ai eu plus de chance avec la lettre que je me suis envoyée de Lyon, arrivée en parfait état :)