Monday, March 28, 2011

The box of hope

When you are a topical collector you sometimes come across unusual items that fit your collection as the one I will share with you today.

The item I’m speaking about is a pre-stamped postcard from Ecuador that pictures a frog both on the picture side and on the printed stamp. Here is the recto and the verso of the item.

The particularity of this card is that it is part of a program launched by the government of Ecuador in December 2010 and called “Buzon de la esperanza” that can be translated into “The box of hope”. The idea is to provide an easy way for people in jail to communicate with their relatives in the country and in the rest of the world. As part of the program, this card that has been designed by a prisoner is provided free of charge to people in jail. A special mail box (the famous box of hope) is installed in the jail for them to send the cards to their family. I understood that this program started in December last year as a pilot is specific places. I don’t know what the status of this project is now.

I wonder why the frog has been chosen as the subject of this card. Does it carry any specific message?

A second card is also part of the program, this one picturing a hand. Here it is.

On the verso side of both cards there is an hologram picturing the logo of the postal administration of Ecuador (on the right bottom corner, not visible on the scan).

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