Monday, February 28, 2011

La Fête du Timbre (II)

Better to warn you: I'm pissed off!
Sorry to be rude, but I am. On Saturday I wrote a post about "La fête du timbre" and I told you that I took this opportunity to send to myself some covers from the event.
Tonight, when coming back home I found them in my mail box. The first one pleased me a lot. This is the cover with the twelve stamps of the booklet.

Not bad, ins't it? The cancel is not really a "first day" cancel but a commemorative one for the event.

But look at the three other ones.

Why did they get this ugly wavy mechanic cancel on top of the nice postmark?
I'm furious. I mean, the only way in France to get a FDC (or commemorative cover) sent through the postal service is to participate to the first day ceremony. You can get a first day cancel after the ceremony but then you can not have the cover sent through the postal service, or it must be enclosed in another cover. And now here is what you get!
This is the last time I do this sort of exercice!

By the way if you wonder why I made two covers with the strawberry stamp (one with the full souvenir sheet and one with the stamp only) it is because, as I explained in my post, the souvenir sheet is so hard to stick on a cover that I destroyed it at my first attempt! I could save the stamp anyway. And I can tell you I was not the only one to have this problem.

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