Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Business trip in Romania

I’m currently in Timisoara, Romania, for a short business trip. I haven’t been there since two years now and already I think a lot of things have changed. I hope I will have some time to walk around and try to find a post office to buy some stamps and send covers. I will let you know if I can.
But in the mean time I browsed the internet to see what type of stamps was issued by Romanian postal administration. There is a website dedicated to philately that contains a lot of interesting information both in English and in Romanian:
Well, what I could see is that there seem to be a lot of stamps issued per year. I’m not sure that all of those stamps will ever see a cover… A lot of stamps seem to be issued to appeal to topical collectors with fauna or flora.

I was also curious to see if there is any stamp issued related to Timisoara, the city where I am. And I found one. A stamp issued on the 15th of July 2003 to celebrate the Romanian postage stamp day and commemorating 100 years of organized philatelic activities in Timisoara.
Indeed the first Romanian philatelic association was created in 1903 in Timisoara.

The blazon that is pictured on the stamp is the part of the coat or arms of Timisoara, as far I could guess.

The denomination of the stamp (5000 L) seems high, but it is in “old lei”. The current money of Romania is the “new leu” (the plural is lei). In 2005 the money changed from the old leu (ROL) to the new one (RON) with an equivalence of 10000 ROL = 1 RON.

And to finish I could not resist showing you this souvenir sheet issued in 2003 picturing reptiles and amphibians from Romania.

Two frog species are pictured: Green tree frog (Hyla arborea) and European common frog (Hyla temporaria). Two reptile species are also pictured: European green lizard (Lacerta viridis) and European copper skink (Ablepharus kitaibelii).

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