Friday, January 14, 2011

Year of the rabbit… and more

Next Monday the French postal administration will issue its usual souvenir sheet celebrating the Chinese New year. As you know 2011 is the year of the rabbit.

The souvenir sheet will contain five stamps and will use a similar design than the issues of the previous years.

I rather appreciate this issue; I like the design of the stamps and of the souvenir sheet.

On the same day will be issued a single stamp to celebrate a first in the domain of public transports: the first tram-train, i.e. the first train that transforms into a tram when it reaches the city. This first realization is located in Mulhouse, a city located in the east of France.


Adrian said...

Ha ha, I was so hoping you'd have the same comments for this Chinese new year issue as you have for the heart stamps. But you don't!
My idea? The heart stramps are typically French so long may they continue! The Chinese stamps have nothing at all to do with France and are of the same rubbishy and boring designs as all the other Chinese New Year stamps issued by all those other countries. Now that is what I call cashing in on collectors!
So yes, give me 15 heart stamps per month and no more of this new year's rubbish, please!

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Eric said...


Even though I rather like the design of those stamps, I agree with you: they are not really needed, not really France related and intended mainly to take money from collectors. But still I prefer the design of these stamps to the hearts ones ;-)