Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last stamp issues from France for January

To continue keeping you informed about stamps issued by my country, here is the last issues for January.

First a booklet of twelve stamps picturing tissues from all over the world.

The stamps are auto-adhesive and picture various tissues from Peru, Egypt, Ivory coast, Polynesia, Morocco, China, India, Japan, Italy and France (at last!). Here is a zoom on the stamps (scan comes from the very good website Phila echange).

As you see this is really not a very typical subject for France and I'm not sure we really needed twelve stamps on such a subject!

The last stamp is for me more interesting. It will be issued on the 28th of January and is recess-printed. It commemorates the international year of chemistry and pictures somebody I admire, Marie Curie.

I think I don't need to tell you who Marie Curie was. When I was younger, when I was a student, I was studying physics and chemistry and I wanted to become the new Pierre Curie (Marie's husband). This was only a dream that never came to reality as you understand!
You also understood that I like this stamp and I will be happy to use it on my mail. 0.87 euro corresponds to the rate of a letter from France to countries outside Europe.

Marie Curie has already been honored on stamps from France: in 1938 on a stamp where she is pictured with her husband and in 1967 on a stamp commemorating the 100th anniversray of her birth.

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