Monday, December 20, 2010

When two worlds meet

When I decided to start collection of stamps picturing cows, I quickly thought about how my two main collections would overlap. Said differently: would I find a stamp picturing a frog and a cow at the same time? Without going so far, would I find a stamp picturing a cow and a stamp picturing a frog belonging to the same set? I’m happy to tell you that I already found an example of each case!
I have already shown on my blog a stamp picturing both a frog and a cow (well to be accurate this is an ox). It is a stamp issued by French post in 1995 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of Jean De La Fontaine.

The stamp pictures a tale from Jean De La Fontaine entitled “The frog that wished to be as big as an ox”. You can read more about it on my
previous post.
I think this is, so far, the only stamp picturing my two favorite topics at the same time!
I recently found a set of stamps that falls into the second category. A set of four stamps has been issued by Australia in 1996 and picturing illustration from children’s book. All stamps have been issued in gummed and auto-adhesive version.

One of the stamp pictures the cover from the book Animalia, by
Graeme Base.
This book is an alliterative alphabet book. It contains twenty six illustrations, one for each letter of the alphabet. As you can see the cover pictures mainly a lion and there is a small frog in the right bottom corner.
A second stamp in the set pictures an illustration of a book entitled “Who sank the boat” by Pamela Allen. In the boat you can see a donkey and a cow (pretty obvious this is a cow, isn’t it ? ;-) ). I don’t know much about this book. I just know this is the story of a cow, a donkey, a sheep, a pig and a little mouse that decide to go on a boat. If you have read it I would be happy to get some information.
Just to give you a complete view, the other stamps of the set illustrate the following books: “John Brown and the midnight cat” by Jenny Wagner and “Greetings from Sandy Beach” by Bob Graham.
These two examples are the only ones I know where my two philatelic worlds meet. If you ever see other cases then drop me a mail!

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