Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cows on mail art

I already had the opportunity to show you some pieces of mail art that I received from my friend Philippe (see here). Here are some new ones adapted to my new topic of collections, the cows.

The first one is rather simple. It simply shows a cow.

The basis of the drawing is a stamp issued by the French postal administration on the 26th of April 2004 in the nature series. The full set contains four stamps and was issued also in the form of a souvenir sheet as shown below.

There is a joke on the cover that you can understand only if you speak French. The text above the cow (“Vache ment bien”) means literally “The cow lies well” (i.e. the cow is a good liar).
But if you write it “Vachement bien” it means “Really nice”. And to illustrate that the cow is a good liar, the bubble indicates “Miaou” the meow of a cat instead of the moo of a cow.

The second item is more sophisticated.

It uses the EUROPA stamp issued by France on the 12th of May 2003. The theme of the EUROPA series in 2003 was the art of poster.

The stamp is a tribute to Raymond Savignac a French graphic artist famous for his commercial posters who often used a pink cow in his posters.

If you look closer to the left top corner you will see another stamp integrated in the design. This is a stamp from 1983, from the touristic series, and picturing Jarnac, a city located in the south west of France.

Now let me explain you the overall design of the cover which is full of humor but easier to understand if you speak French. You can see cows of various colors (red, purple, green, yellow) looking at the poster (the stamp) and looking very surprised (not to say shocked) to see a pink cow.

The last item I wanted to show you is also sophisticated. It gives a sort of explanation of what is the “milky way” (“la voie lactée” in French) as if it was made of milk just coming out of a cow pie.

The cover re-uses the cow stamp from the first cover and also the two stamps belonging to the EUROPA set issued on the 4th of May 2009 and dedicated to astronomy. The stamps, which have also been issued in a souvenir sheet that you can see below, picture Saturn and an exoplanet (i.e. a planet out of the solar system).

I know that these items are a bit out of the pure philatelic world, but I really like them. I like the way Philippe integrates the design of the stamps in the drawing. His creations have always a twist of humor and poesy. I would be proud to be able to do the same; unfortunately I lack the artistic skills for that!


Anonymous said...

Dear Eric,
WOW ! What a talent this artist has !! Wonderful covers and thanks for showing them.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Far de la Banya said...

Amazing stamps!