Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Postmark from Germany (II)

This post is a follow up of my the previous. Together with the nice cover I shared with you yesterday I also received a large cover bearing nice stamp and a very interesting postamrk. The cover is so large that I could not scan it in one shot so I decided to show you only the stamp parts. Here they are.

First let's say a word about the stamps. They have been issued in January 2010 in a series issued "for the welfare" dedicated to fruits. Each stamp bears a surtax and pictures the now usual "plus" sign, the five points cross. But what is to be noticed about these stamps is that they represent a first time for the German post : they are scented stamps! They smell after the fruit they picture (you have to rub the stamp to free the perfume).

Four fruits are pictured on the set:the apple, the strawberry (my favourite fruit), the lemon and the blueberry. I think the stamps are rather simple but very beautiful.

The postmark is also to be noticed. In fact it is similar to the postmark from this postcard that I received from another contact.

The postmark is one of the five postmarks used during the international stamp fair held in Sindelfingen at the end of October. If you look closely to the postmark that you will see that it pictures various animals, among which there is a frog! I almost missed it the first time I saw it.

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