Thursday, November 11, 2010

Frogs on postal stationeries

My collection of philatelic items picturing frogs does not contain only stamps and postmarks but also postal stationeries: pre-stamped envelops or postal cards, aerogrammes…. I recently scanned a bunch of such items and decided to share some with you.
These items can be classified in various types depending on the location where the frog is pictured.

The first type is the most interesting one: this is the case when the frog is pictured on the printed stamp and when this printed stamp re-uses the design of an actual stamp.
Here is an example of a pre-stamped postal card from United States of the America re-using the design of a 1996 stamp from the “endangered species” series and picturing a Wyoming toad.

As you can see both the picture part and the stamp part of the card uses the same design.
The second type is when the printed stamp pictures the frog but does not really correspond to an existing postage stamp.

Here are two examples, one from Austria (card) and a very nice one from Australia (envelop).

Then the third type, which is the most common is when the frog is only pictured on the side of the envelop or on the picture side of a card but not on the printed stamp.
Here is an example of a card from Germany (card).

Here is another one from USSR (envelop).

If you did not see it already one of the foxes is playing with a frog, which is rather small on the scan I agree ;-).
There are even cases where the postage paid is not indicated via a printed stamp as on this example of pre-paid envelop from Australia that could be used only to send Xmas greetings and that pictures the very famous Kermit the frog!

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