Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cover, FDC and souvenir sheet from Philippines

I have been sorting stamps and covers all over the weekend and I found some items that I did not share with you yet due to lack of time. Today I have selected a cover I received from Philippines from Raplh together with a set of FDCs and souvenir sheet. Thank you again Ralph for this sending.

Let’s start by the cover first.

The cover is franked with definitive stamps issued on the 15th of June 2010 picturing Philippines Marine Biodiversity. These two stamps are part of a set of three that is pictured below.

From left to right, the animals pictured on the stamps are:

- Yellow seahorse (Hypocampus kuda) also known as the common sea horse. This species of sea horses come in many clors including yellow, orange, brown and even black! I must admit that I like sea horses and I have even thought, some years ago, about starting a stamp collection about them.
- Giant clam (Tridana crocea)
- Scarlet-fringed flatworm (Pseudoceros ferrugineus) whose nice and bright colors are used to warn predators of their toxic properties

These three stamps are part of a wider set of definitive stamps issued all along the year.

As you can see on the cover, the stamps are cancelled with an impressive postmark announcing an event organized by the Philippine Tuberculosis Society (Quezon institute). Unfortunately the design of the postmark is mixed together with the design of the stamp, making it difficult to read.
Still it makes a very nice cover for my collection that contained so far only one letter from Philippines.

Ralph included in this cover two nice FDC of a set issued on the 25th of March 2009 and picturing a very famous topic among topical stamp collectors: minerals.
The full set is made of a block of four se-tenant stamps and one souvenir sheet. Here is the FDC for the block of four.

The minerals that are pictured are:
- Quartz
- Rhodochrosite
- Malachite
- Nickel

Here is the FDC for the souvenir sheet:

The minerals that are pictured on the sheet are:
- Cinnabar
- Gold
- Copper
- Magnetite
And sulphur (or sulfur) is pictured on the border of the souvenir sheet.
I do not really know much about minerals, being more attracted by living creatures, but those two items are rather nice anyway.
Finally Ralph also sent be a souvenir sheet that was issued on the 9th of November 2009 to commemorate the National Stamp Collecting Month and featuring Children games.

he souvenir sheet contains four stamps and two imperf ones. Each stamp illustrates a Children game:
- Taguan, also known as Hide and Seek
- Sipa, the national game of Philippines where the ball is made of a round lead with paper cut into strips through its center. The aim of the game is to kick the ball repeatedly without having it touch the floor
- Saranggola or kite flying
- Bangkang papel, or paper boats. By the way I just realize that this stamp would qualify for my quest of stamps picturing Origami, even though paper boats are probably the simplest expression of Origami!
- Paluan ng Palayok, a popular game during fiestas where children try to hit a clay pot which is full of goodies including candies
- Luksong lubid, a game of jumping over a rope
I’m sure that when you read this list you realize that a lot of these games (may be all of them) are also played by Children in your countries. At least this is the case in France. Interesting to see that there are not so many differences between games played by Children in different countries.

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