Friday, August 13, 2010

My new collection

My frog stamp collection is growing rapidly and has reached a very impressive size. I did not expect that it would contain so many stamps and other philatelic items when I started more than ten years ago. It is still not complete, anyway it can not be complete since every year there are new stamps issued picturing frogs!
Despite this I have recently decided to start a new topical collection. I will stop collection new issues from the countries I was collecting because it does not bring so much fun (I will only buy new issues that I really like). I miss the excitement of starting a new topic, trying to gather as much information as possible on the stamps related to this topic. You wonder what topic I have chosen? I will collect picturing cows! Not bulls, calves, beefs. Just cows. Don’t ask me why chose this subject, it is a very, very long story.

If your country issues a stamp picturing a cow, just let me know. I may be interested. I will let you know through this blog the progress of my new collection.

While I was searching for stamps on this topic I found two interesting stamps from Austria that I would like to share with you today.

Both stamps are from the definitive series and share the same design. The first one was issued on the 1st of January 2002 and the second one on the 2nd of June 2003.

As you can see they picture a peaceful cow in a scenery from the Alps region (more precisely from the Tyrol, a part of Austria).

So far nothing very exceptional. The interesting point comes now. After a change of the postal rates, Austrian post decided to overprint the last definitive stamps, including those two ones, to indicate the new face value: 0.55 cents. But in order to do that, the Austrian post decided to launch a competition among students of University for Applied Arts in Vienna to create innovative overprints. The students of two master classes set about the project with great enthusiasm and came up with unexpected ideas. The best designs were selected by a panel of judges in conjunction with the Austrian Post. In 2005 eight definitive stamps were reissued as the new overprinted Euro 0.55 stamps. Among those eight here are the two previous stamps overprinted in a rather interesting way.
For the first one, the old face value is hidden behind the silhouette of the head of cow and a set of black stripes transform the cow into a zebra!

On the second one, the overprint looks like fences that surround the cow.

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