Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2010 international year of biodiversity (II)

I already mentioned a set of stamps issued by South Africa celebrating 2010 as the year of biodiversity. On the 15th of July, Hong Kong post has issued its own set of stamps on this subject. Thanks to Luke I was able to get the stamps, souvenir sheet and FDC that I would like to share with you. As you guessed it already, one of the stamp pictures my favorite subject: a frog.
Let’s start by the set of four stamps that illustrates the biodiversity of Hong Kong by presenting four endemic (and rare) species.

(As you will see Luke has sent me stamps located on the corner on the stamp sheet, so they are attached to a margin that contains the “traffic light markings”)

The first stamp pictures a Hong Kong Paradise Fish (Macropodus honkongensis).

The second one is the one that I am particularly interested in since it pictures a Romer’s Tree Frog (Liuixalus romemi).

The Romer’s Tree Frog is a species of frog that is endemic to Hong Kong and is one of the smallest amphibians that has been recorded in this area. Even though it is called “Tree Frog” it does not belong to the Hylidae family (the family where you can find tree frogs) but it belongs to the Rhacophoridae family. This frog is named after J.D. Romer who first discovered it on Lamma Island in 1952. It is highly endangered and is protected under the law of Hong Kong.

The third stamp pictures a tree of the laurel family (Sinopora hongkongensis) which was first discovered in 2005 so very recently.

The last stamp pictures a species of dragonfly (Fykienogomphus choifongae) also recently discovered since it was observed for the first time in 2004.

Here is the official FDC for this set of stamps, illustrated with a nice drawing picturing the four species pictured on the stamps.

Look at the nice first day cancel that also pictures a frog!
As this is an official FDC, the envelop contains some interesting information on the back. Here is a scan of the verso.

The four stamps have also been issued in a souvenir sheet.

And here is the FDC of the souvenir sheet.

Hong Kong post has also issued a set of postcards. Here is the frog one.

To conclude this post, let me share with you the cover used by Luke to send me these items. He stamped his cover with this specific issue. Thank you very much Luke.

Just to be complete the last stamp used by Luke on his cover is a definitive stamp issued in December 2006 and picturing a White-belied Sea Eagle.

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