Thursday, July 29, 2010

Canadian souvenir sheet

Sorry for this long silence. I had planned to update my blog last week, but I was in Shanghai for a short business trip and I could not access blogger from there due to the internet access restrictions. And then, beginning of this week, I was quite busy writings an article for a philatelic publication.

Photography is a hobby that I’m very fond of. When I was younger I could spend hours walking in Paris with my camera taking all sorts of pictures and then I could spend nights in my tiny bathroom transformed into a darkroom to process my black & white photographs. At this time numeric photography did not exist or was at its very beginning. At one point in time I even thought of starting a stamp collection about photography. But I finally never made it, thinking that may be mixing two hobbies was not a good idea. But I always keep an eye on stamps that picture artistic photography. And stamps picturing wildlife photography is even more interesting for me. So you can imagine my pleasure when I saw this souvenir sheet, issued by Canada on the 22nd of May 2010.

The souvenir sheet contains five stamps. The stamps picture photographs that have won a Wildlife Photography contest organized in 2009 by Canadian Geographic in partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature. The contest was organized around five categories (from left to right and top to bottom):
- Birds, winner Martin Cooper
- Mammals, winner Ben Boulter
- Amphibians, Reptiles and Insects, winner Julie Bazinet
- Urban wildlife, Mark Bradley
- Junior photographer, Wing Tam (15)

The border of the souvenir sheet pictures the photographs of the runners-up and has you could guess I was very excited to discover a picture of a frog (a bullfrog). This picture was taken by Samuel Lapierre who was runner-up in the “Amphibians, Reptiles and Insects” category. I think he should have won ;-)

You can find all the photographs of the winners and runners-up of the 2009 and 2008 editions of this contest on the website of Canadian Geographic. There are really beautiful and I think this was a very good idea to gather them on such a nice souvenir sheet.

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