Saturday, June 19, 2010

A new cover from Dominican Republic

This has been a long time since last time I shared a cover with you... I have been so busy these last months that I have rarelly found the time to update this blog. But things should improve now and I will try to come back to a rythm of several updates per week. Let's cross the fingers...
For today I have selected a cover I received some times ago from Dominicam Republic. This is only the second time I get mail from this country and I found it quite nice.
The cover is franked with a block of four stamps issued in December 2009. This is the Christmas series and it is illustrated with drawing from children. A drawing competition was organized among children around the subject of Christmas and the winners have seen their drawings published on the stamps. A nice idea.
Not much to say about the stamps but I would like also to underline the postmark. A (unusual) red rectangle. I say unusual because postmarks are traditionnaly black or blue. I don't know if this one is a standard one or not.

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ashley said...

Very nice cover post. i love how they are so creative with their stamps.