Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frogs on 2010 Europa stamps

When I learned that the subject of Europa stamps for 2010 would be Children’s books I was very happy because it could be a good occasion to get new stamps picturing frogs. Indeed, in my mind Children’s books are linked to fairy tales and frogs are very present in very tales. Now that I have seen a lot of the stamps that have been issued I’m a bit disappointed since there are not so much that I can use in my frog stamps collection. In fact I found out two stamps only.
The first one is part of the set issued by Sweden. Swedish postal administration has issued two stamps in the Europa series on the 28th of January 2010. Both stamps are sold in a se-tenant pair.
The stamp on the left side pictures an illustration from Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) who was a Swedish author and illustrator. The illustration is from her book “Children of the forest” published in 1910. This book tells the story of small characters, like elves, who live in the forest. The stamp pictures a school scene and if you look closely you will see two small frogs that listen to the teacher !
The other stamp pictures “Maja’s alphabet” an illustration from Lena Anderson (born in 1939) a Swedish illustrator.

The second issue that I found is a bit less obvious. It is part of the stamps issued by Finland on the 4th of May 2010.
Again, there are two se-tenant stamps. On the left one, fictional characters get out of an open book. On the right one, children are reading a book. If you look closely to the book they read and if you rotate the stamp of 180° you will see that the book pictures what seems to be a frog. Here is a close up for a better view.

This is a frog isn’t it?

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