Monday, May 24, 2010

London 2010 (III)

I’m very sorry to have been so long to publish this next post about my visit to the Stamp Festival London 2010 but I was waiting for some covers that I sent to myself from there and they took quite a long time to come…

So let’s start by a cover that I addressed to myself to get the official postmark of the stamp exhibition.
The cover is franked with two stamps belonging to the very nice birds series issued on the 4th of September 2007. I got a nice and clean cancel. To be noted that I posted the cover on the 10th of May but it is cancelled on the 11th of May. I took this opportunity to send similar covers to some of my readers.

At another booth from Royal Mail you could also send mail and get it franked with a new type of labels inspired from the famous Machin stamps. I could not miss this opportunity, so here is the cover.

This type of label is called “Gold Horizon Machin Labels” and it has been experimented for the first time in Wales (the first day of usage being 20th of April 2010). This label is a sort of ATM. It has a large size, a golden color and has the Queen’s profile in the background. It is a pity that the clerk did not stick the label straight on the cover (for any reason the clerk did not want that I stick the label myself).
The postmark is quite clean also indicating a temporary post office.
This time the date on the label and the postmark is correct and gives an interesting 10/05/10 !

After my visit to the Royal Mail booth I decided to visit the booths of the foreign postal administrations to see what type of souvenirs they proposed. The first booth I visited was located just behind the one of Royal Mail and was representing the Nordic countries: Aland, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden were present on the same booth. Each of then proposed a postal card carrying standard stamps and a postmark commemorating the festival. I selected the Swedish one, you will understand why.
The card carries both stamps issued by the Swedish post on the 28th of January 2010 in the Europa series on the theme of Children’s book. I selected this card because if you look closer to the stamp on the right it pictures frogs… but I will come back on this in a later post.

The next country I “visited” was Hong Kong. The postal administration of Hong Konghas issued a dedicated souvenir sheet for the stamp festival and I purchased the FDC of this issue.

The souvenir sheet contains one stamp. The colors of the souvenir sheet are the one of the Union Jack, the flag of United Kingdom. The souvenir sheet pictures a profile of London (in blue) and Hong Kong (in white). I think that this is a very interesting idea. The first day cancel is also very nice with the Tower Bridge and a bridge of Hong Kong.

Then I visited to booth of German postal administration. You could purchase a commemorative cover franked with a stamp issued on the 6th of May 2010 commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert Schumann.
Again a very nice postmark with a rather unusual shape. I must admit that I did not really understood why the cover was also picturing Edward Elgar...

On the booth of Macau postal administration you could purchase a cover with a very nice postmark representing a symbolic view of the Business Design Center, the place where the exhibition was held.

The Japanese postal administration did not issue a stamp and did not propose a dedicated souvenir but you could get a nice postmark representing Mount Fuji and mentioning the festival.

Monaco post is one of the postal administrations that issue a dedicated stamp for the occasion. I purchased the FDC of this stamp.

A nice stamp picturing Tower Bridge, in its open position. The postmark reuses the same design and the cover pictures another famous place of London: London Tower.

I will finish my report of my visit with the next post where I will show you the souvenirs I purchased from New Zealander and Australian posts. To be continued…

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