Saturday, November 21, 2009

My first cover from Uruguay

(I'm currently writing this post from Ottawa airport. I'm waiting for my flight to Montreal and then to Paris. This is a pitty that during last week spent in Chicago and Ottawa I could not find any time to visit a post office in order to buy some stamps ! May be next time...)

As an echo to my yesterday post showing stamps from Uruguay, I'm glad today to share with you my first cover received from this country ! This cover was used by an Ebay seller to send me some stamps that I purchased and it is franked with three full souvenir sheets.

The souvenir sheet used on the cover was issued on the 10th of July 2008 to commemorate the International Polar Year. A lot of countries have issued stamps or souvenir sheets at this occasion. Uruguay has chosen to illustrate the issue with fauna and flora from the Antarctic region.
The stamp located in the top right corner of the sheet pictures a pair of Brown sjuas (Catharacta lonnbergii) while the other stamp pictured a pair of Antarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus gazella). This seal takes its scientific name from the German vessel SMS Gazelle which collected the first specimen from Kerguelen island. This species of seal is also knwon as Kerguelen Fur Seals and is a protected species.
The rest of the souvenir shete pictures local fauna and an iceberg.
The sheets are cancelled with a black rectangular cancel, a shape which seems rather common for South American postal administrations!

My collection of covers from the world is increasing with one additional country !

Frog on margin of stamps from Uruguay

(I know, I haven’t written in my blog since ages… several weeks in fact. The reason is that three weeks ago I have starting a new job, within the same company, that kept me very busy. A lot of new things to learn, a lot of new people to meet. This new job is going to give me the chance to travel even more than before: this week I have been two days in Chicago, I’m currently writing this (short) post from Ottawa and in three weeks I will be traveling to Shanghai and Beijing. I should also go to Bangalore… This is exciting but it keeps me away from stamps and from you, the readers of my blog, which is a pity. I missed you and I hope that you missed me a bit ;-) ).

This year we have seen the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. I think there is no need to introduce Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882), he is very famous. His book “Origin of Species” published in 1859 is also very famous. This anniversary has been the occasion for a lot of postal administration to issue stamps to celebrate this event. Today I would like to show you two stamps issued by Uruguay on the 31st of August 2009.
I guess you understand why I’m interested by these stamps: they are printed in sheet with a margin that is illustrated with a frog! Even if the frog is not pictured on the stamps themselves, I will keep this set for my frog collection!
The stamp on the left pictures a very famous portrait of Darwin, at the end of his life, and a not less famous drawing illustrating the evolution theory from the ape to the human being.
The stamp on the right pictures the HMS beagle, the ship of which Darwin made a five years trip during which he made a lot of observation leading to his theory of the natural selection.